A Few Ideas To Help Source Online Products To Sell

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Associate Programs has over 5,000 affiliate schemes in their directory.


The downside is that you are limited in what you can say, the order is placed on their website and you rely on them to pay you and you are in competition with a lot of people.




Search these sites


With these keywords

information products
resale rights
resell licence
reprint rights
reprint licences
digital products

Comes up with websites such as


You will need to sift through the rubbish to fond the good stuff.
Don’t forget to search Google Images with these keywords or for DVD, CD, etc.


Keep unsolicited junk mail and Spam on interesting subjects, then after a while email sender to see if they are interested in a joint venture or a resell or reprint license.
Make it clear you are marketing through classified ads and not direct mail or the internet so they don’t see you as competition stealing their market share.


Best Placement For Your Adsense Ads

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Once you have placed your ads then the Google Adsense intyerface does provide useful feedback to improve placement. meanwhile here is a basic guide to maximize the revenues from your Adsense ads.


This depends on what the poage is used for. Clearly a salesd page has no room for ads, but if the poages proimary purpose is advertising then position will make an enormous difference.

The following chart shows the best places on your web page to attract attention to your ads.

White – Avoid
Yellow – Low
Orange – Average
Red – best placement (always aim for these positions)


This placement guide is not set in stone as the page content and graphics layout can hugely influence the way that readers eyes scan the page, so always methodically test for the best positions.  It is ALWAYS worth testing as ad revenues can vary by as much as a factor of 10 based on careful positioning.


Next in poriority is size.  It appears that rectangular and large ads (no surprises) do best.

You should place the 336×280 Large Rectangle, the 300×250 Medium Rectangle, the 728×90 Leaderboard and the 160×600 Wide Skyscraper.


Always use the Image/Text ad type. Images attract the eye more and variety is good.  Mixing in text ads with image ads seems to wrork best.


Do not forget to use the Adsense interface to exclude any of your direct competitors (if you have any) from advertising on your pages.  You just add a list of domains from which you will not accept advertising.


Google offers the following advice on the style of the ads:

  • To blend, make the background and borders of your ads the same colour as the background of your page where the ad is placed. If your site has a white background and you don’t want to spend a lot of time choosing ad colors, we recommend using our pre-designed Google default ad style.
  • To complement, use colours that already exist on your site, but don’t match the background and borders exactly where the ads are placed.
  • To contrast, choose colours that stand out against the background of your site. Contrasting is recommended only for sites with a dark background, so we suggest using an ad style with a white background, white borders and blue titles.

It is well worth reviewing everything that Google tells you about maximising ad revenue.  In case you haven’t looked in a while or missed it completely then here is where to go: http://support.google.com/adsense/bin/topic.py?hl=en-GB&topic=29876&parent=3001646&ctx=topic




9 Basic Rules to Writing Captivating Headlines

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1. Research how your prospective customers think and work out where they want to go. What do they really want. When you answer that question you have a headline. For example, you have a product to long term smokers to stop smoking. “Feel like a 20 year old in 6 weeks”, “Stop that morning cough before it is too late” You do not mention your product right at the top of the copy, instead, you lead them onto the solution. So for our example, don’t slap ‘Nicotine Gum’ or ‘Nicotine Patches’ at the top of the ad. The great copywriter, Gary Halbert – referred to the product as ‘Mud’ which he didn’t want to know about. He just wanted to know about the market. What is my customer thinking; right now.

2. You must know the product back to front. Live and breathe it for a few weeks. Learn everything about the product, the company, the system, and the Unique Selling Point. Gary Halbert used to invite company sales reps to his house for the weekend and just chat to them. You must know the products you are selling so well that this understanding is locked into your subconscious. This will make the creative thinking process much easier.

3. Add self-interest into the headline. It has to talk directly to your specific prospect. Use their name if you know it and the format allows. Find out what the problem is and what the solutions are.

4. Include news in headlines. Something new or topical is more interesting. Use terms like ‘brand new’ as it makes it cutting edge. Some newspaper headlines are outrageous. E.g. ‘Divorced after 1 hour’, ‘Archbishop of Canterbury loses faith in God’, ‘Boy Eats Own Head’, ‘Bring Your Wife To My Restaurant and I Will Blow Her Ass Off’. Papers like ‘The Sun’, ‘National Enquirer’, ‘Cosmopolitan’. Apply these to your own niche. You want people to ask ‘What is this about, is this guy for real?’.

5. Avoid curiosity Headlines – If they have to think about what the headline means they will move on.

6. Not too gloomy or down either or they will move on.

7. Pack with benefits

8. Avoid features of the product. These come much later in the copy

9. Make a big promise in your headline. You can justify it later in the copy.

A Review of The Best Twitter Apps

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Tweetdeck is now owned by Twitter, Tweetdeck is the Twitter app for power users: its multi-column view and powerful filters enable you to keep on top of what matters to you, scheduled tweets enable you to pre-plan posts and you can use as many Twitter accounts as you can create. Tweetdeck is free.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social allows businesses to efficiently and effectively manage and grow their social presence across multiple channels and turn social connections into loyal customers.

The web application integrates with Twitter and other networks where consumers are engaging with businesses and brands. In addition to communication tools, Sprout Social offers contact management, competitive insight, lead generation, reporting, analytics and more – all in a package that’s intuitive and easy to use. One of the most notable features is the ability to compare with competitors. Comparison will show the number of daily mentions, percentage of engagements, and also the ability to see who’s talking to them.

Overall, it is a great, intuitive and affordable product. This would be recommended for users who have a firm understanding of Twitter and what metrics they are looking for.


Refollow makes it easy to discover, manage, and protect your Twitter social circle. Manage your friends and followers, establish new relationships, unfollow or block users, sort by importance or lock relationships.  This is a great research tool and you can try out the basic features for free.


Tweetdeck is a product of Twitter created to offer users flexibility within the application. You can arrange various feeds, and if you have multiple accounts, you can schedule and manage those Tweets via Tweetdeck. This is a desktop app that is all about showing you the info you need in a convenient structure, and it even works for smartphones.

“One of the reasons why I love Tweetdeck is because I can set up keywords that I want to receive tweets on. I can have topics, I can have industries and hashtags. I can even keep tabs on my competitors. It would absolutely blow your mind what kind of complete disclosure people are willing to offer in these venues.” Paul Castain, The Sales Playbook

Overall, TweetDeck has the most user-friendly update process with one account. However, more than two accounts will make a mess of your TweetDeck dashboard. Especially if you are monitoring hashtags, lists and searches, as well as general account activity. Tweetdeck is recommended for users who are just getting started and want to manage one account.


Want to manage multiple accounts across different devices? Seesmic has you covered! This great Twitter tool integrates with 3rd parties like Salesforce Chatter and LinkedIn and Stocktwits. Overall, it’s a great tool with color scheme options, rounded edges, better spacing around columns and less clutter across the top of the dashboard to make Seesmic more pleasant to use. The biggest flaw is that it lacks features like tabs and analytics, which would make it a more robust option. Overall, Seesmic is packed with options and features to control multiple accounts and social media services.


Once the preferred app of Mac users, Twitterrific has seen brighter days on your desktop (meanwhile the iPhone app is certainly an impressive option). As it stands, Twitterrific is hardly an improvement on the Twitter.com web experience. One of the biggest issues involves not being able to view videos, photos or links that are posted on your timeline.

Twitterific has fallen behind their competitors in terms of ease of use and features, however remains a solid platform for beginners. Hootsuite is a handy Twitter tool that works well for business applications. Further, it works on iPads, iPhones and smartphones. Companies like Fox, Time and NBA use Hootsuite and have thus given it a stamp of approval.


Hootsuite offers convenience, as you can manage Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and even WordPress and Foursquare profiles! But it gets better, as you can even manage multiple profiles as well and use Hootsuite for keyword monitoring too.  Currently, Hootsuite remains as one of the most popular social media applications holding an ever growing following of 4 million users. Overall, the tool can be used at any experience level. Hootsuite is great for beginners because of its intuitive platform and multiple features.


Over the last decade, InsideView has established themselves as the leader in sales intelligence and social selling. In Spring 2012, InsideView updated their social media feature allowing sales professionals to view corporate Facebook pages, Twitter profiles and Blogs. Empowered with list building features, a 360° degree industry analysis and a consolidation of social media platforms, this tool gives sales professionals the ability to effectively apply social selling in their sales cycle. Users can now monitor and interact with their prospects, through social media, all under one roof.

InsideView is great for all levels of experience. It is intuitive for beginners or can be also used in advanced social selling for experienced sales reps.

Twitter and Search Engine Optimization

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1. Don’t use all 140 characters available for a tweet.

Allow 15-20 unused characters at the end of the tweet. This makes sure that your tweets are not cut short and you lose valuable keywords when a user shares your tweet via “RT @username,”.  Twitter data indicates that 120-130 character tweets have the highest click through rates.

2. Choose a unique and professional username.

Many spammers have Twitter handles that include a set of numbers When Google’s algorithm scans links on Twitter, it often disregards such usernames since there is no way to differentiate between who is real and who isn’t.  Edit your Twitter handle in the setting panel.

3. Search Engine Optimisation – Keywords

Define your main business keyword and research all asscoiated keywords. To optimise your Search Engine visiblity include your main business keyword in your bio. Don’t stuff the ‘about’ section with too many keywords as you will be penalised. A few keywords carefully deployed will improve search visibility. Search engines often display your 160-character Twitter bio in the links’ description on the results pages, so make dure that your profile description is compelling.

4. Attract Followers With Good Content

In a recent interview with Google a representatiuve said that their algorithms check the authority of every user tweeting content. “We do compute and use author quality … We don’t know who anyone is in real life.”

5. Write Retweetable Content

Make your content good enough so it is retweeted by respected bloggers and Twitter followers. Search engines will register the value of Twitter authority figures and correlate that with the value of the link posted.  Googlebots and the like  analyze the number of followers of those who retweet your content and rank your retweeted link based on that value. This is the Twitter equivalent of an inbound link. Posting updates that appeal to influencers will inevitably boost your optimization efforts.

Why You Should Publish Your Ebook On Amazon

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Why not let a big company like Amazon sell your ebook for you?   You will probably need to consider a sub $10 price tag to suit the Amazon market place but the sales volumes are potentially enormous.

  • Amazon have over 200 million credit cards on file
  • They are willing to share their customers
  • They are the largest buyer search engine
  • They need content providers (us) to survive
  • Kindle is growing 119% a year
  • Google see them as their biggest threat
  • Amazon give you 70% royalties
  • You can make more money selling a $2.99 book online than you can with a traditional $24.99 book
  • People LOVE Kindle Books
  • The Hunger Games series are the best-selling books on the internet and the Kindle version outsells the hardcopy 4 to 1
  • More digital books are now sold than hardcopy books
  • There are over 1 billion Kindle devices (PCs, mobiles etc.) now in circulation
  • Instant GLOBAL delivery
  • Follow the smartest people in earth (iBooks on Apple etc.)
  • Multimedia integration is coming now
  • You can shop inside Kindle books for more products
  • There is no publishing cost risk
  • You sell on the same platform as major publishers
  • Traditional publishers forgot how to market 20 years ago, all they knew was how to get into print.
  • Editions can be instantly revised – easy fast update
  • Amazon sells your books for you
  • Amazon ranks very highly in Google
  • You can be up and selling in a weekend
  • 15% to 20% of buyers will go to your website and subscribe, so like Gangnam style you benefit from the high profile exposure.  People trust Amazon.

It is really very easy to take your pdf file or word document and format it for Kindle.

Of course, just getting your book into digital print is only half the story as traditional publishers also handle book promotion.  There are a number of companies on the internet that specialise in e-book and Kindle promotion, the best value of these, by a big margin, is Brad Callen’s Amazon Publishing Launch though please leave a comment if you find a competitive alternative.

To publish

  1. Get the book written content – What makes very useful and interesting reading is ‘Write + Sell the Hot Screenplay‘ by the former Amish founder of the raindance film festival, Elliot Grove. It is a book about writing screenplays but is one of the best written guides to ‘getting it done’ that I have come across to date.
  2. The market is moving to shorter serialisation books – smaller and rapid fire – it was how Charles Dickens originally published his stories.
  3. You only need basic skills to format a book for Kindle, Amazon provides full instructions.
  4. Recruit some friends to download and review your books
  5. Sign up at Amazon https://kdp.amazon.com/self-publishing/signin
  6. Follow the instruction in their guide to format and upload your Kindle edition

P.S. I have included the link below to Brad Callen’s Amazon Publishing Product as it has had some great feedback and really helps wityh the launch and publcicity for any new ebook on Amazon.

Brad Callen’s Amazon eBook Launch Product

Best Wishes


The 10 Best Ways To Increase Your Facebook Page Likes

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The best way to get your fans to talk about your content is to understand what your audience cares about. You should visit Page Insights regularly to track which posts resonated with your audience and generated the most engagement, then post more of this type of content.

No matter how engaging your Page posts are, not all of your fans will see them in their News Feed. In order to make sure that more of your fans see your posts, you should create a Page Post Ad. With Page Post Ads, Facebook report 3 to 5 times more fans with Page posts on a single day. And with the new expanded Premium Ad, your Page Post Ad expands to show what people are saying about your brand alongside your brand’s message. This applies to anyone who has friends that are fans of your Page.

Keep Your Post Short and to the Point

Your fans’ News Feeds contain a lot of information. And they have limited time to read it. Keep your posts short whenever possible: posts between 100 and 250 characters (less than 3 lines of text) see about 60% more likes, comments and shares than posts greater than 250 characters.

Post at Regular Intervals

Your fans will be more likely to engage with your content if you remain top of mind. Only you can know what the right cadence is for your audience and for your message, but you should make sure to post regularly. For example, a grocery store might post two or three times a week when it receives new products, while a restaurant might post every day to let his fans know what the daily special is.

Post Videos and Photos

Rich media tends to draw attention more than simple text. Whenever you want to share a message on your Page, consider using related pictures or videos to make your message stand out. Posts including a photo album, a picture or a video generate about 180%, 120%, and 100% more engagement than the average post, respectively.

Get the Opinion of Fans – Keep It Interactive

Your Page should a be a place for conversations between you and your fans. Ask your fans questions, seek their input in your decisions, and use your Page as a way to gather feedback about your products.

Use the Facebook Questions Product

With our Questions product, you can ask your fans for ideas and feedback about how to improve your business. Fans can agree with an existing answer with a single click, or add a different response. This is an easy way to gather insights.

Use “Fill in the Blank” Posts

If you want to give your fans a very simple way to engage with your post, ask them to finish your sentence. This type of post is particularly useful if you want to get people to talk about specific attributes of your products, such as explaining why they like it, how they use it, etc.
Fill-in-the-blank posts generate about 90% more engagement than the average post.

Provide access to exclusive information

As a reward for liking your Page, give fans access to exclusive, behind-the-scenes information to make them feel special. Think about announcing new products to fans on Facebook before anywhere else, giving fans early access to sales, or posting exclusive photos from events on your Page.

Reward your fans with deals and perks

You should not only promote your existing deals via your Page, but use it to offer specific deals or perks only to your fans. You can use your Page to distribute coupon codes, link to some of your promotions, or create time-limited offers.

Be Topical

Your audience will be more likely to engage with your posts if you are talking about topics that are already top of mind for them, such as current events, holidays or news. For example, we’ve found that posts mentioning Independence Day on July 4th generated about 90% more engagement than all posts published on that day.

Use Geographic Targeting to Keep Post Relevant

Some of your posts might only be relevant for a subset of your fans. For example, if you are only making some products in specific countries, you might want to promote these products only to people in this country. Use the geo-targeting feature to make sure that only the people who would find your post valuable will see it.