The 10 Best Ways To Increase Your Facebook Page Likes

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The best way to get your fans to talk about your content is to understand what your audience cares about. You should visit Page Insights regularly to track which posts resonated with your audience and generated the most engagement, then post more of this type of content.

No matter how engaging your Page posts are, not all of your fans will see them in their News Feed. In order to make sure that more of your fans see your posts, you should create a Page Post Ad. With Page Post Ads, Facebook report 3 to 5 times more fans with Page posts on a single day. And with the new expanded Premium Ad, your Page Post Ad expands to show what people are saying about your brand alongside your brand’s message. This applies to anyone who has friends that are fans of your Page.

Keep Your Post Short and to the Point

Your fans’ News Feeds contain a lot of information. And they have limited time to read it. Keep your posts short whenever possible: posts between 100 and 250 characters (less than 3 lines of text) see about 60% more likes, comments and shares than posts greater than 250 characters.

Post at Regular Intervals

Your fans will be more likely to engage with your content if you remain top of mind. Only you can know what the right cadence is for your audience and for your message, but you should make sure to post regularly. For example, a grocery store might post two or three times a week when it receives new products, while a restaurant might post every day to let his fans know what the daily special is.

Post Videos and Photos

Rich media tends to draw attention more than simple text. Whenever you want to share a message on your Page, consider using related pictures or videos to make your message stand out. Posts including a photo album, a picture or a video generate about 180%, 120%, and 100% more engagement than the average post, respectively.

Get the Opinion of Fans – Keep It Interactive

Your Page should a be a place for conversations between you and your fans. Ask your fans questions, seek their input in your decisions, and use your Page as a way to gather feedback about your products.

Use the Facebook Questions Product

With our Questions product, you can ask your fans for ideas and feedback about how to improve your business. Fans can agree with an existing answer with a single click, or add a different response. This is an easy way to gather insights.

Use “Fill in the Blank” Posts

If you want to give your fans a very simple way to engage with your post, ask them to finish your sentence. This type of post is particularly useful if you want to get people to talk about specific attributes of your products, such as explaining why they like it, how they use it, etc.
Fill-in-the-blank posts generate about 90% more engagement than the average post.

Provide access to exclusive information

As a reward for liking your Page, give fans access to exclusive, behind-the-scenes information to make them feel special. Think about announcing new products to fans on Facebook before anywhere else, giving fans early access to sales, or posting exclusive photos from events on your Page.

Reward your fans with deals and perks

You should not only promote your existing deals via your Page, but use it to offer specific deals or perks only to your fans. You can use your Page to distribute coupon codes, link to some of your promotions, or create time-limited offers.

Be Topical

Your audience will be more likely to engage with your posts if you are talking about topics that are already top of mind for them, such as current events, holidays or news. For example, we’ve found that posts mentioning Independence Day on July 4th generated about 90% more engagement than all posts published on that day.

Use Geographic Targeting to Keep Post Relevant

Some of your posts might only be relevant for a subset of your fans. For example, if you are only making some products in specific countries, you might want to promote these products only to people in this country. Use the geo-targeting feature to make sure that only the people who would find your post valuable will see it.

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