Why You Should Publish Your Ebook On Amazon

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Why not let a big company like Amazon sell your ebook for you?   You will probably need to consider a sub $10 price tag to suit the Amazon market place but the sales volumes are potentially enormous.

  • Amazon have over 200 million credit cards on file
  • They are willing to share their customers
  • They are the largest buyer search engine
  • They need content providers (us) to survive
  • Kindle is growing 119% a year
  • Google see them as their biggest threat
  • Amazon give you 70% royalties
  • You can make more money selling a $2.99 book online than you can with a traditional $24.99 book
  • People LOVE Kindle Books
  • The Hunger Games series are the best-selling books on the internet and the Kindle version outsells the hardcopy 4 to 1
  • More digital books are now sold than hardcopy books
  • There are over 1 billion Kindle devices (PCs, mobiles etc.) now in circulation
  • Instant GLOBAL delivery
  • Follow the smartest people in earth (iBooks on Apple etc.)
  • Multimedia integration is coming now
  • You can shop inside Kindle books for more products
  • There is no publishing cost risk
  • You sell on the same platform as major publishers
  • Traditional publishers forgot how to market 20 years ago, all they knew was how to get into print.
  • Editions can be instantly revised – easy fast update
  • Amazon sells your books for you
  • Amazon ranks very highly in Google
  • You can be up and selling in a weekend
  • 15% to 20% of buyers will go to your website and subscribe, so like Gangnam style you benefit from the high profile exposure.  People trust Amazon.

It is really very easy to take your pdf file or word document and format it for Kindle.

Of course, just getting your book into digital print is only half the story as traditional publishers also handle book promotion.  There are a number of companies on the internet that specialise in e-book and Kindle promotion, the best value of these, by a big margin, is Brad Callen’s Amazon Publishing Launch though please leave a comment if you find a competitive alternative.

To publish

  1. Get the book written content – What makes very useful and interesting reading is ‘Write + Sell the Hot Screenplay‘ by the former Amish founder of the raindance film festival, Elliot Grove. It is a book about writing screenplays but is one of the best written guides to ‘getting it done’ that I have come across to date.
  2. The market is moving to shorter serialisation books – smaller and rapid fire – it was how Charles Dickens originally published his stories.
  3. You only need basic skills to format a book for Kindle, Amazon provides full instructions.
  4. Recruit some friends to download and review your books
  5. Sign up at Amazon https://kdp.amazon.com/self-publishing/signin
  6. Follow the instruction in their guide to format and upload your Kindle edition

P.S. I have included the link below to Brad Callen’s Amazon Publishing Product as it has had some great feedback and really helps wityh the launch and publcicity for any new ebook on Amazon.

Brad Callen’s Amazon eBook Launch Product

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