Twitter and Search Engine Optimization

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1. Don’t use all 140 characters available for a tweet.

Allow 15-20 unused characters at the end of the tweet. This makes sure that your tweets are not cut short and you lose valuable keywords when a user shares your tweet via “RT @username,”.  Twitter data indicates that 120-130 character tweets have the highest click through rates.

2. Choose a unique and professional username.

Many spammers have Twitter handles that include a set of numbers When Google’s algorithm scans links on Twitter, it often disregards such usernames since there is no way to differentiate between who is real and who isn’t.  Edit your Twitter handle in the setting panel.

3. Search Engine Optimisation – Keywords

Define your main business keyword and research all asscoiated keywords. To optimise your Search Engine visiblity include your main business keyword in your bio. Don’t stuff the ‘about’ section with too many keywords as you will be penalised. A few keywords carefully deployed will improve search visibility. Search engines often display your 160-character Twitter bio in the links’ description on the results pages, so make dure that your profile description is compelling.

4. Attract Followers With Good Content

In a recent interview with Google a representatiuve said that their algorithms check the authority of every user tweeting content. “We do compute and use author quality … We don’t know who anyone is in real life.”

5. Write Retweetable Content

Make your content good enough so it is retweeted by respected bloggers and Twitter followers. Search engines will register the value of Twitter authority figures and correlate that with the value of the link posted.  Googlebots and the like  analyze the number of followers of those who retweet your content and rank your retweeted link based on that value. This is the Twitter equivalent of an inbound link. Posting updates that appeal to influencers will inevitably boost your optimization efforts.

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