Video Marketing – Using YouTube To Boost Your Online Business

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Billions of YouTube videos are watched every day.  Half of all internet traffic is from video.

YouTube is owned by Google and having a few videos of your own linked to your website or social media sites can massively boost your rankings.

Here are a few types of videos that you can create to promote your business:

1. Screen Capture

Whatever your product you can create a screen video demonstrating the benefits of your product and showing potential buyers how to use or apply it.

You can also review third party products for which you get commission, but this is a difficult line to follow and to remain impartial. Any attempt to unduly influence or dupe potential buyers is often very easily seen.  We have all seen those websites with completely biased reviews just plugging a few products and which have no credibility.

There are a number of video capture tools to record the computer screen in real time as well as recording anything you say through the microphone and then edit the result.

  • Camtasia
  • Screenflow
  • Quicktime

2. Outsource or DIY

You can go to and have somebody record a short video for you very cheaply. You can also get very good quality from mobile phone cameras although sound is often issue. A quiet place with good natural lighting works very well though.

3. Interview

Interview an expert or established figure in your field. You will be surprised how readily people agree.  A little flattery goes a lomg way and you both can benefit. The power of association by interviewing an industry ‘celebrity’ will help to build your own credibility.

4. Talking Head

This is a video of somebody talking about your product or giving some advice or extra information to your customers. Use this opportunity to connect with potential buyers so they know who you are and you can start building trust and respect for what you do.

YouTube videos must never be adverts. This approach works less and less now. These videos should be used to connect and share information with your potential buyers, to build more credibility for yourself.


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