Emails That Make Sales

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Emails must contains good content!

Sending content that is interesting and sharable will make you more sales.

The following 5 email styles are usually the most effective.

1. Emails With Video Links.

Videos are without doubt the best sales medium out there right now and people love to share good stuff.

A study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) of mobile users, reported that 92% share mobile video content with others. 92% share videos!

As about half of email reading occurs on mobile devices you have an audience of video sharers who will actively forward your video email message on to their friends, family and colleagues.

33% share video content by email. While 56% post the video to Facebook or similar social sites to share it.

What videos do people like to share?

* 66% share short and funny video clips

* 52% share music videos

* 35% movie trailers

* 31% share content created by themselves or someone they know

* 22% share how-to videos

Start making your own videos or search on YouTube for interesting videos to share.

Not only will video emails get you more shares, but links to videos in emails receive 2 or 3 times as many clicks as text links.

2. Emails Reviewing Competing Products

Look for products you can compare. Write comparison articles. Good cop, bad cop always works.  People like to buy knowing that they have a better product. It is human psychology and that internal reassurance that says – well it was better than the alternative, even if the alternative is just one other product.

Highlight the good points but never over sell, be balanced, never biased. Modern buyers can spot fake praise a mile off.

Comparison guides are rated highly by prospective buyers
as useful resource that encourages them to buy.

Include in your comparison guide:

* Price
* Benefits
* Other Reviews
* Negatives
* Questions & Answers

3. Email With Interesting Infographics

These appeal to the info-junkies out there

Studies show Internet users prefer visual content and that it works to drive sales.

People appreciate and share Infographics. They provide good information and they’re easy to understand.

An Infographic can explain concepts and situation at a glance where as a text explanation could take pages.

4. Emails With Promotional Offers

People like bargains and they like to shop online!

Don’t swamp them but every now and then dig out something of good value and let them know about it.  When you find a great offer or bargain online you should be running to your PC to spread the word. Hopefully it will be your products and services but don’t limit yourself, especially if there is a commission involved.

Prospects say that sales letters help them learn more about what your company does. The promotional email provides needed details about the products and services you offer.

Just email your complete sales letter or at least an interesting introduction with a read more button at the bottom (and the top)

5. Emails With Links To Current News

Let people know what is happening in your industry or market.

New = Interesting.

Pay attention to the news and studies related to your business when a brand new story breaks be the first to email out a link to your list with the update.

Sharing relevant industry news links with prospects in your email messages will increase the likelihood of a sale!

Send out short quick notes with a links to quality stories and you’ll keep in touch with prospects while building rapport. Before you know it you’ll be making more sales!

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