Making Money From Webinars – 6 Step Guide

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There are 6 Promotional Webinar Stages

  1. Choose a webinar platform. They are all reltively cheap
    1. Adobe Connect
    2. Cisco Webex
    3. Webenet
    4. LexisNexis
    5. Dimdim
    6. GoToWebinar VERY EASY at $99/month
  2. Type in Title and description. “In this webinar you are going to learn how to make money from webinars and Facebook … “It is being hosted by …” OR “It’s a great webinar and if you follow the steps you will find out exactly how to make it work.  7 easy steps to making money with webinars and Facebook …”
  3. Choose a webinar model
    1. Show and tell – a specific product and how to make it work – run through how to do it, even a PowerPoint presentation
    2. Interview experts on a topic
    3. Paid Upfront Webinar Model – sell the link to the webinar (training)
    4. Joint Venture model – find people who don’t know about Webinars
  4. Promote the webinar
    1. Send email to database – 3 to 4 promotional emails inviting people and 1 or 2 follow up emails to send to replay
    2. Do videos – 3 promotional videos – uploads straight to YouTube
    3. Audios
    4. Blog Posts
    5. Social Media
    6. Word of mouth
    7. Articles (go to replay webinar)
  5. Set up an autoresponder
  6. Run the webinar
    1. Live (
    2. Live not live (Webinator)
    3. Replay (Webinaragogo/Webinator)
    4. Collecting the money at the webinar – PayPal/Moneybooker/Clickbank/Cheques/BACS
    5. Automate the webinar – Webinator
    6. Affiliate the webinar – when you have 10% conversion rate then you can go to the affiliates.


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