Viral Marketing – YouTube Optimization Strategy

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This is a straightforward 5 step process to upload videos to your YouTube channel and rank them highly on Google in the shortest time.

  1. Do your keyword research
  2. Set up your video platform accounts
  3. Create your videos
  4. Upload the video
  5. Generate Traffic


1. Accurate Keyword Research

Main keyword with LOW COMPETITION and DECENT global monthly searches

  1. Use the Google Keyword Tool to select a phrase on match types.  Use the settings for All Countries, English language and run the search.
  2. Select an appropriate keyword idea and browse the results for keywords with low competition and at least 1,000 monthly searches
  3. Find 3 – 10 other keyword ideas with the same criteria – low competition and decent searches
  4. Save these keywords to a list in a spread sheet
  5. Go to Google Search and type the keyword without the last letter so Google shows all of the current recommended searches that start with this phrase.
  6. Write down all of these keywords and add to spreadsheet
  7. Back to Google and scroll to the bottom of the first page of search results and save the keywords in the Searches Related section to your list
  8. You should now have a list of core keywords that will give you specific topics to talk about in your videos.
  9. Create a video for each of these keyword phrases and incorporating at least 5 of the other keywords in each video.
  10. Like writing an article you surround the main keyword with all of the supporting keywords.
  11. Using the core keyword and the five or more related keywords write a short description of each video

2. Set up your video platform accounts


Name URL Rank

























  1. Use at LEAST 10 different platforms
  2. You want to reach as many people as possible
  3. Some of these platforms will rank your videos very fast
  4. Optimise each account for keywords
  5. Create a new account WITHOUT Facebook. Use your main keyword as your channel name.
  6. Sometimes the name is taken so you need to juggle the name a little to find a useful phrase.
  7. There is also a description where he places main keyword twice and one to three related keywords
  8. Add your website URL – your website should also be named in this way
  9. Apply to all channels

3. Know what you are talking about


  1. Create great videos with great information
  2. Choose keywords from your list and make a video about that
  3. Write a script – the exact words
  4. Memorise script and present on camera OR Make a power point presentation and do a voice over reading the script
  5. Repeat the process for each keyword
  6. This way you are creating an arsenal of topics that will make you an authority

4. Upload the video


  1. Pay ATTENTION to the video name.  You need to name the video BEFORE you upload it.
  2. The name should include the keyword
  3. Place your main keyword at the start and a secondary keyword at the end
  4. Make sure the name makes sense
  5. Click Upload
  6. Select File
  7. YouTube will use your name of the video for the title
  8. You may want to modify the title – especially the modified keyword if there is a better one
  9. Enter your full description. The first two lines will be displayed in Google and YouTube so make these count.  Start the description with the main keyword you are using.
  10. Don’t put the Website URL at the start if it does not contain the keyword
  11. If the Website URL is the main keyword then put that at the start
  12. Mention as many benefits as possible
  13. Add as many calls to action as possible
  14. IF you want to see how (benefit) then click here … (article link)
  15.  Mention any gift you are giving away and link to the opt in page on your website, your Facebook account or YouTube channel.
  16. You can use up to 1,000 words although YouTube are reducing this.  It used to be 2,000.
  17. Use as many keywords and URLs as possible
  18. Use a tracker to monitor the clicks
  19. This is where you support the main keyword with the supporting keywords
  20. Add as many tags as you can, after about 20 or so the tag line will become too long so save and add a few more and save again.
  21. As soon as video is ready go to video and copy and paste the URL to the end of your description
  22. There are people looking for fresh content to embed and they use robots to locate the video and go to the video to capture the information – you get back links and more exposure for free.  DO This RIGHT AWAY before the bots do their first scan of the content.

5. Building Traffic

  1. Post something on your Facebook fan page and post the video URL
  2. Do the same on all your other social media accounts like Pinterest and Twitter
  3. Go to your autoresponder list and send a broadcast email with the URL of the video
  4. Create some back links from other video platforms – do it from for free.  It asks for a URL you want to promote – put your YouTube video URL – NOT your website URL- If your video ranks well you will get the traffic. Remember not to upload
  5. Embed the video in a post on your blog – DONT copy the link EMBED the link
  6. Go to and create an entry with the same title as on YouTube. IN the URL place the website blog and ping that then replace with the video URL and ping again
  7. Go to FaceBook and create a $5 advertisement and allow it to run for 1 day only so you get some traffic to your video – select optimise for Impressions
  8. Go to – they play all of their ads on YouTube so you can set up a campaign about 12 hours after you upload the video on YouTube, It is IMPORTANT TO OBSERVE TIME GAP.
  9. You can leverage other people’s videos to boost traffic using YouTube Playlists


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