Product Launch Check List

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This is a product launch check list developed over several years. Identifying customers and product creation are huge subjects on their own The emphasis here is on the sales letter/sales web page as this is often the most neglected part of the process and where most people fail.

  1. Identify a Target Audience.
  2. Define These Target Customers – complete demographic
  3. Find or create a product that they want.
  4. Build a Product Package (Including Bonuses)
  5. Create photos and sales graphics like CD and book covers
  6. Write Main Product Descriptions
  7. Create a Keyword List
    1. Start with words from the product description
  8. Assess Competition
    1. Create a list of websites selling competitor products
      • Start by typing in your product descriptions on Google, Yahoo and AltaVista
      • Expand the search to other important keywords
      • Pay careful attention to any product comparison sites and the Google Ads
    2. For each competitor record the following information
      • URL
      • Product Price (including Postage & Handling & Tax Details)
      • Google PR
      • Alexa Traffic Ranking
      • Keywords – any useful ones can be added to your keyword list
      • Page Description
      • Page Title
      • Product Description
      • Sales Strategy – up-sells, complementary products, discounts, bonuses
      • Support availability
      • Are they successful? Are they really selling?
  9. Pricing – setting the price for your product.  Test different prices.  The best way is to run two web pages with paid traffic to each to measure the response.
  10. Research Customers
  11. Write Benefits List
  12. Derive New Benefits From Benefits List
  13. Write Features List
  14. Derive New Benefits From Features List
  15. Identify Unique Selling Points
  16. Define Most Wanted Response and Backup Responses.
  17. Write Headline
    1. Base it on the major benefit
    2. Ask a question
    3. Solution to a problem
    4. Cite a testimonial
    5. Give a warning
    6. Flag your target customer
    7. News announcement
    8. Guarantee
    9. How To
    10. Specific
    11. Command
    12. Boastful
    13. Emotional
    14. Information
    15. Offer
  18. Write Sub Headers – these will be the list of all of the benefits (sales) and features (reason justification)
    1. Keep it to 20 to 40 words in length.
    2. Keep to two lines maximum.
    3. The sub headers highlight and reinforce all of the benefits.
    4. Inset them every 3 to 5 paragraphs to break up the text.
    5. Keep pressing the readers ‘hot buttons’ to maintain the emotional power of the copy
    6. Highlight the most important parts of the text
  19. Write Body
    1. Write the copy as if you are talking to a friend on the phone.
    2. Write with passion.
    3. Write a quick draft, don’t worry about the content, just get the words written, you can work on it later.
  20. Reasons
  21. Collect testimonials
  22. Write Offer
  23. Write Pricing Justification
  24. Write Guarantee
  25. Write Free Bonuses
  26. Write Summary
  27. Write Call To Action
  28. Write Postscripts
  29. Assemble Letter


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